Marriage Books

Books I have read which you may also find of interest.

Marriage, a History: How Love Conquered Marriage

by Stephanie Coontz

The book makes a complex subject easy to read and shows the hugely diverse reasons for marriage throughout history. It hasn’t always been about love.

Early Modern Genealogy: Researching Your Family History 1600-1838

by Paul Chambers

A comprehensive guide to helping you find out about your family members between the years 1600 and 1838. The book covers a wide range of sources, giving you the basic information you will need to research things further yourself. Very useful for those who are new to family research if you can track down a copy. It covers England and Wales only.

The Handwriting of English Documents

by L. C. Hector

This book expertly explains the abbreviation marks which were regularly used in medieval Latin documents. It also has some helpful chapters on roman numerals, the treatment of names and place names, and the different writing hands in use throughout the middle ages.

Marriage Books
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