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Trying to find a record of a particular marriage? Here at official Marriage Records you can find it! We have reviews of all the major family history websites (these have tons of marriage records), a directory of every UK record office, articles on the history of marriage, original research and much, much more. Some common starting questions are answered below.

Do you want to search marriage records for free?

You can search some marriage databases online for free, and even download a copy of the original marriage record. Here’s a list of the different places you can find marriage records – some in person, some online. If you want a copy of the marriage certificate itself then you will need to pay for it; as these are not free anywhere.

Are you having trouble finding a record of a particular marriage?

These tips might help you! I also offer paid research. For £20 an hour I will research and provide you with copies of any records I can find proving or suggesting a marriage. Please just contact me, telling me as much as you know already. If I can’t find anything, then you don’t pay. What is there to lose?

Do you want to order a marriage certificate?

We have written some guidance on how to get a copy of a marriage certificate.

Want to know the difference between a marriage record and a marriage certificate?

A marriage record is simply an entry written in a marriage register specifying the names, dates, occupations and addresses of the couple getting married. The entry is made in two registers: one is kept by the church or register office where the marriage took place; the other is sent to the superintendent registrar of the registration district when it is full. Every quarter, the minister or civil registrar prepares a further copy of all the marriage entries received and sends them to the Registrar General, who therefore has a record of every marriage recorded in the UK.

A marriage certificate is an official document given to each couple who have married, and certifies that their marriage is legal.

Welcome to the Official Marriage Records website
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